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Mrs. Beverly Antici
Guidance Counselor/Curriculum Coordinator

FCA Sponsor

Bachelor's in Education in English

Master's of Education in Administration and Educational Supervision

Certification in Guidance and Counseling and Elementary Education

Delta State University

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It is amazing that even with 29 years of experience as an educator, I am still learning every day!  Having been a classroom teacher, a principal, and now a guidance counselor, I have been blessed to experience working with students of every age.  In middle school, the faculty and I spent a great deal of our energy convincing adolescents during this mercurial time in their lives that school is important and that it opens doors to their future.  Now, working with seniors at an equally stressful time in their lives as they take the next step making college and career choices, I realize that children of any age need the guidance, the wisdom, and the love of the educators who work with them every day.  My philosophy of what school should be, therefore, is expressed perfectly in the following quote: "Nowhere else has more to offer than school: everything that existed in the past, everything that is available in the present, and the limitless possibilities of the future.  One only needs to convince the student of the value of these riches." 


Colossians 3:23

Proverbs 1:3

1 Peter 2:17

Ephesians 6:7



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