Enjoy A Great Retirement Lifestyle At The Villages In Florida

Florida has long been recognized as one of America’s most sought after retirement destinations. The climate and the multitude of leisure activities – including some of the country’s best golf courses make it perfect for retirees seeking an active lifestyle and the company of like minded individuals.

Now those wishing to retire to Florida have another attractive option as far has housing is concerned – The Villages.

The Villages was founded around 30 years ago by members of the Morse family and is today focused on providing exceptional retirement opportunities for those in search of a retirement destination that still has all the facilities that promote an active lifestyle.

The Village is not only a collection of homes – it is a fully fledged community where retirees can enjoy a safe and secure environment.

It also has a number of facilities to ensure that the lifestyle is filled with energy and activities which promote health and well being – all with a healthy does of fun and enjoyment.

The Villages is marketed not only at those who want to enjoy stable and secure accommodation all year round – but also those who are seasonal visitors. There are number of villas and homes at various price points, both new build and pre-owned. the management prides themselves on the fact that will go the extra mile to find a home that suits those who want to become part of the community.

Another bonus for those who choose to enjoy the many benefits of owning a home in The Villages is the fact that it has a number of executive golf courses where residents can enjoy free access for the rest of their lives. Given that golf is one of the most popular sports for those who reach retirement age this has made The Villages into one of the most attractive property investment choices in Florida – and indeed in the United States as a whole.

At The Villages it’s all about meeting up with like minded people. To make this a reality The Villages has three traditional town squares where people can meet up to socialize and simply discuss the day that they have had in one of the United States’ premier retirement communities.

There are also a huge number of shops and entertainment venues spread across the community – so life will never lose its shine at The Villages.