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High School

High School Philosophy

Lee Academy believes that the overall purpose of education is to develop students physically, intellectually, morally, spiritually, socially, and emotionally. We believe it is the responsibility of the school to guide, discipline, counsel, and instruct students so that their capabilities and interests develop to an optimum degree in order for them to take their places in society as responsible adult citizens. Sharing in this responsibility with the school are the home, church, and the community. The student also shares in the responsibility for his education by his participation, cooperation, involvement, and hard work.


High School Curriculum

1.  The curriculum a high school student chooses must meet the approval of the parent, the counselor, and the Headmaster.   

2.  After the first week of school, no high school student’s schedule will be changed except under extremely extenuating circumstances and then only after a conference with teachers involved and the counselor, with approval of the Headmaster.

3.  Seventh and eighth grade advanced math students must have a yearly average of B or above before taking the next level of math.  If the student does not have a B or above, the student will repeat the math course.

4.  High school students taking honors math courses must have a yearly average of B or above to remain in the honors math track.

5.  Any regular Algebra II student wishing to take pre-calculus must have a yearly average of B or above in Algebra II.


Courses Offered in Middle School (grades 6-8) 

English                                      Earth Science                                 Physical Education

Reading/Writing Workshop   Physical Science                           Computer

Mathematics                             MS Studies 1/2                              Art

Algebra I                                    Civics 1/2                                        Music/Drama

Life Science                              American History                          Bible   

                                                     Latin America and Canada                                   


Courses Offered in Grades 9-12

The courses listed below will be used when calculating the student’s GPA.


English I, II, III, IV   1               Speech 1/2                  

Honors English I, II, III, IV    1

Math                                       Science                                  Social Studies

Algebra I 1                            Biology I 1                           World Geography 1

Geometry 1                          Biology II 1                          World History 1                     

Algebra II 1                           Chemistry 1                       American History 1

Algebra III/Trig 1                  Physics 1                           American Government 1/2

Pre Calculus 1                                                                 Global Studies 1/2

Calculus 1                                                                        Mississippi Studies ½


Foreign Language                    Business                                  

Spanish I, II 1                        Computer 1/2

                                                Accounting 1

                                                Business Law 1


The courses listed below will NOT be used when calculating the student’s GPA.


Art I, II 1                                      Newspaper 1               Health 1         

Bible 1                                       Yearbook 1                   Drama 1

Drivers Ed 1/2                          Show Choir 1               P.E. 1  


Super Curriculum

9th                               10th                             11th                             12th

English I                    English II                      English III                    English IV Honors

Alg I or Geometry     Geometry or Alg II       Alg II or Pre-Cal          Pre-Cal, Calculus

Biology I                     Biology II                      Chemistry                    Physics

World Geography     World History              American History       Gov’t/Global Studies 

                                    Spanish I                      Spanish II                    Writing Honors 


To graduate magna cum laude (with high honors) a student must be enrolled in the super curriculum and have an overall average in grades 9-12 of 93. A student not enrolled in the super curriculum may graduate cum laude (with honors) with an average of 93 in grades 9-12.


Lee Academy requires 23 credits for graduation.



Before graduating from Lee Academy, a student must complete at least 10 hours of community service.  These hours may be accumulated at any time during the student’s 9-12 grade years, including summers.  The guidance counselor will provide a form for students to use and will keep a record of the student’s hours.  Students who transfer to Lee Academy after the ninth grade must accumulate hours at a rate of 3 per year.  For example, a student who transfers to Lee Academy in the eleventh grade must complete at least 6 hours before his graduation.



In grades six through eight a student must pass three out of four core subjects to be promoted to the next grade.  For a student who fails one subject, summer school is highly recommended.  Summer work is required if a student fails math, even if that is the only subject failed.  For a student who fails two or more subjects, summer school is required.  Summer tutors will be Lee Academy teachers or other tutors approved by the principal.  At the end of the summer session, the student will be tested to determine if he or she should be promoted to the next grade level.


Two credits from correspondence courses may be accepted toward graduation, but only in extenuating circumstances that are approved by the Headmaster.  Such courses are not intended for early graduation, replacement of courses offered at Lee, or substitution for pre-or co-requisite courses offered at Lee.  Correspondence courses used toward graduation must be completed and recorded by May 1.  Tutors for correspondence courses must be Lee Academy teachers, and all tests must be administered by Lee Academy personnel on-site.



 Summer school credits from any other school or program must be pre-approved by the administration.



The selection of the valedictorian and salutatorian will be determined by averaging only the fall and spring semester grades of the candidates for their four years of high school. (Correspondence courses, summer school, etc., will not be counted.)   Students must complete first and second semester of their junior and senior year at Lee Academy.  To be named valedictorian or salutatorian of the class, a student must be enrolled in the super curriculum. 



A student must meet the following qualifications in order to be classified an honor graduate of Lee Academy:

 1.  The student must have an overall average of 93.  This overall average will be obtained by using semester averages.

2.  Only subjects taken during the regular fall and spring semesters will be used in averaging.