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AR Achievement

ar achievementCongratulations to our very own Bryant Johnson!! Bryant is our first reader to reach 85 Point Club status!! We are SO proud of you, Bryant!

Last Updated (Thursday, 21 April 2016 12:13)


Headmaster Changes

Dear Lee Academy Parents and Friends,

After serving as the Lee Academy Headmaster for the past two years. Mr. Gunn will be stepping down as Headmaster of Lee Academy at the end of this school year. Mr. Gunn graciously accepted the offer to return to Lee Academy after being away for many years. Mr. Gunn’s prior relationships within our community allowed him to return and bring to us his unique style of loving and caring leadership during a time that our school and community needed it most. He consistently made the time and effort getting to know students and supported them with his faithful attendance of the many events on and off campus. Students, faculty and parents have all benefited from his leadership during his time back. Mr. Gunn has truly been an inspiring Headmaster for Lee Academy. We will miss Mr. Gunn and Mrs. Betsy greatly. They have both served our school with love and support to the students, staff and families of Lee Academy. We wish for Mr. Gunn and Mrs. Betsy every blessing and much success

Much time and thought has been given by the School Board and the Administration to creating a plan that will take Lee Academy to a new level of excellence. This plan will provide a structure to move Lee Academy forward in an educational transformation. The development of this plan, as we move forward, will ensure a vision that will elevate expectations and performance for all at Lee Academy.

The framework for Lee Academy’s Strategic Plan includes the following actions:

  • Establishment of immediate short term goals and development of a strategic two year plane prioritizing scholastic targets, strength budget requirements, developing future partnerships within our community, and staff development.
  • Continue to explore new approaches and ideas for Fundraising efforts. Fundraisers through the remainder of this school year will include a Spring Fundraiser, an Annual Fund Drive and the formation of an Alumni Association to include an online fundraiser.
  • Evaluation of staffing needs and efficiency necessary to provide the most progressive educational opportunity for Lee Academy students.

At this time the Lee Academy School Board is pleased to announce Mrs. Rone Walker as the new Headmaster of Lee Academy. Mrs. Walker brings 10 years of experience as an educational administrator. This experience has equipped Mrs. Walker with extensive knowledge of State and Federal program opportunities for private schools which off possible financial and instructional material benefits, curriculum advancements, and dual enrollment strategies. Mrs. Walker brings with her experience in providing continued professional development for teachers and help with classroom implementation. As a trained counselor, Mrs. Walker excels at prioritizing each child’s academic and personal development, while working with the students’ individual strengths to ensure the highest level of student’s success. Moving forward, Mrs. Walker will continue to add focus as we continue to outline our strategic plan to insure a sustainable college preparatory school for our community and surrounding areas.

The Lee Academy School Board is very excited to welcome Mrs. Walker to the Lee Academy Family and ask that you welcome and support Mrs. Walker as we move toward the 2016-2017 school year. Lee Academy has a very bright future and a vision for success.


Lee Academy School Board


LEE ACADEMY – achieving excellence together through leading, learning, thinking and serving

Last Updated (Tuesday, 05 April 2016 14:02)


MAIS Overall State Reading Fair

mais winnersThe MAIS Overall State Reading Fair Winners from Lee Elementary pictured are Jonathan Redwine and Fantina Lebon. Jonathan won 2nd place overall in the 2nd grade for non-fiction and 3rd place overall in the 2nd grade for best portrayal of his book's character. Fantina won 2nd place overall in the 4th grade for fiction. Congratualations for them both!!

Last Updated (Wednesday, 30 March 2016 11:02)


Cheerleader Tryouts

Cheerleader tryouts set for 4:00 p.m. today, March 10, 2016 have been postponed until sometime after Spring Break.

Last Updated (Thursday, 10 March 2016 14:50)


Blues Museum

8th grade 21The 8th Grade Rotation Class enjoyed a visit to the local Blues Museum.8th grade 11

Last Updated (Monday, 22 February 2016 13:28)


Show Choir

show choir bpac1The Show Choir enjoyed a performance of Mama Mia at the Bologna Performing Arts Center.

Last Updated (Monday, 22 February 2016 13:22)


National Jr. Honor Society Officers

njhs officers2 2016The Lee Academy National Jr. Honor Society Officers for 2016 are; Crawford Allen, Evan Watts, Lewis Czamanske, Madeline Riddick, Andrew Morson, Kyriam Molina, Rutledge Agostinelli, Ansley Fava, and Leslie Scott Branch.

Last Updated (Thursday, 18 February 2016 12:27)


National Jr. Honor Society Inductees

njhs inductees2 2016The following students were inducted into the National Jr. Honor Society during a ceremony Wednesday morning, February 17, 2016; Hunt Barksdale, Landon Wong, Mary Luisa Czamanske, Joseph Curcio, Mack Davis, Sykes Connell, Chloe Tyner, Brooks Fyfe, Lyndsey Kate Cook, Rocco Morris, Ashlynn Smith, Allie Middleton. 

Last Updated (Thursday, 18 February 2016 12:20)


Senior Field Trip

senior capitalThe Lee Academy Senior Class of 2015 visited our State Capital in Jackson where they met Sen. Robert Jackson.

Last Updated (Wednesday, 27 January 2016 10:52)


Lee Academy Cheerleading Rules and Regulations


1. If candidate is failing one or more subjects, she may not try out.

2. If candidate cannot make summer cheer camp, she may not try out.

3. Seniors: Anyone who has made cheerleading 2 of her 3 junior high years and BOTH 10th and 11th grade years will automatically make cheerleading her senior year.

4 For both junior high and high school squads: 16 will be the maximum number. In the event that 16 or less try out, 12 will be the maximum number.

5. Tryouts are fair game-the girls with the highest scores make the squad; it does not matter which grade you are in.

6. Girls must wear hair in a ponytail with a ribbon, a Lee or blank tank tucked into shorts, and NO JEWELRY for the tryout process.

Future Cheerleaders:

1. No cheerleader will be allowed to cheer if she is failing one or more subjects.

2. No cheerleader will be allowed to cheer with an "N" or "U" in conduct.

3. This includes pep rallies and games.

4. All hair must be pulled back in some way, shape or form with a bow.

5. Cell phones are prohibited during games and pep rallies. Do NOT take your phone on the track or in the stands with you during football and/or basketball.

6. If a cheerleader is going to be absent for games, pep rallies, or practices, she must let me know in advance. Failure to do so will result in an unexcused absence.

7. All cheerleaders are to be ON TIME for every practice, game and pep rally.

8. Always remember to keep poms, rain jacket, and any cold weather gear in your bag when going to out of town games.

9. Cheerleaders must arrive at ALL games both in and out of town at least 30 minutes early.


  • Tryouts - March 10th, 4:00 p.m.
  • Fittings - March 21st, time TBA
  • Camp-May 23rd - May 25th instructed by Mel Young and Chase White, time TBA
  • JH Pictures - June 6th, time/place TBA
  • JS Pictures - June 7th, time/place TBA

Last Updated (Friday, 15 January 2016 11:15)


Penalties for Lee Academy Cheerleaders

New rules and penalties have been implemented as of Fall 2015 for all Cheerleaders and are listed below.


  • 0-15 minutes=whole squad runs 10 laps
  • 16-30 minutes=whole squad runs 20 laps
  • Any longer than 30=whole squad runs 30 laps


  • Missing 1 practice (unexcused) the week of home game=sit out at pep rally
  • Missing 2 practices (unexcused) the week of home game=sit out 1st half of game
  • Missing 3 practices (unexcused) the week of home game=sit out whole game


  • Missing 1 practice (unexcused)-sit out 1st half
  • Missing 2 practices (unexcused)-sit out halftime
  • Missing 3 practices (unexcused)-sit out whole game

**Excused absences=doctor appt., sick (need note from parent), school function. If you're going to be tardy, I need to know at least an hour in advance. Do NOT text me 5 minutes before saying you will be there late.

Last Updated (Friday, 15 January 2016 11:19)