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Senior Field Trip

senior capitalThe Lee Academy Senior Class of 2015 visited our State Capital in Jackson where they met Sen. Robert Jackson.

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Lee Academy Cheerleading Rules and Regulations


1. If candidate is failing one or more subjects, she may not try out.

2. If candidate cannot make summer cheer camp, she may not try out.

3. Seniors: Anyone who has made cheerleading 2 of her 3 junior high years and BOTH 10th and 11th grade years will automatically make cheerleading her senior year.

4 For both junior high and high school squads: 16 will be the maximum number. In the event that 16 or less try out, 12 will be the maximum number.

5. Tryouts are fair game-the girls with the highest scores make the squad; it does not matter which grade you are in.

6. Girls must wear hair in a ponytail with a ribbon, a Lee or blank tank tucked into shorts, and NO JEWELRY for the tryout process.

Future Cheerleaders:

1. No cheerleader will be allowed to cheer if she is failing one or more subjects.

2. No cheerleader will be allowed to cheer with an "N" or "U" in conduct.

3. This includes pep rallies and games.

4. All hair must be pulled back in some way, shape or form with a bow.

5. Cell phones are prohibited during games and pep rallies. Do NOT take your phone on the track or in the stands with you during football and/or basketball.

6. If a cheerleader is going to be absent for games, pep rallies, or practices, she must let me know in advance. Failure to do so will result in an unexcused absence.

7. All cheerleaders are to be ON TIME for every practice, game and pep rally.

8. Always remember to keep poms, rain jacket, and any cold weather gear in your bag when going to out of town games.

9. Cheerleaders must arrive at ALL games both in and out of town at least 30 minutes early.


  • Tryouts - March 10th, 4:00 p.m.
  • Fittings - March 21st, time TBA
  • Camp-May 23rd - May 25th instructed by Mel Young and Chase White, time TBA
  • JH Pictures - June 6th, time/place TBA
  • JS Pictures - June 7th, time/place TBA

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Penalties for Lee Academy Cheerleaders

New rules and penalties have been implemented as of Fall 2015 for all Cheerleaders and are listed below.


  • 0-15 minutes=whole squad runs 10 laps
  • 16-30 minutes=whole squad runs 20 laps
  • Any longer than 30=whole squad runs 30 laps


  • Missing 1 practice (unexcused) the week of home game=sit out at pep rally
  • Missing 2 practices (unexcused) the week of home game=sit out 1st half of game
  • Missing 3 practices (unexcused) the week of home game=sit out whole game


  • Missing 1 practice (unexcused)-sit out 1st half
  • Missing 2 practices (unexcused)-sit out halftime
  • Missing 3 practices (unexcused)-sit out whole game

**Excused absences=doctor appt., sick (need note from parent), school function. If you're going to be tardy, I need to know at least an hour in advance. Do NOT text me 5 minutes before saying you will be there late.

Last Updated (Friday, 15 January 2016 11:19)


Positive Attitude

pos att dec 2015Congratulations to Positive Attitude Winners for December:

Emma Pennington, 6th Grade;ÂEmily Moser, 7th Grade;ÂBrooks Fyfe, 8th Grade.

Congratulations to Cam Brewer for the Colt Character Trait Peace.

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School Calendar 2015- 2016

To PRINT a copy of the calendar, click on one of the links below.

Click HERE to View as a WORD Document

Click HERE to View as a PDF

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Positive Attitude

Congratulations to the Middle School Positive Attitude Winners for November:

Jett Harrell, 6th Grade;ÂMary McFalls, 7th Grade;Aston West, 8th Grade;

Congratulations toÂLee Gordon StriderÂfor the Colt Character Trait Kindness.

Last Updated (Friday, 04 December 2015 11:16)


Reading Fair

Below are the winners of the Reading Fair who will advance to the District Fair at DeSoto Academy on December 2, 2015. Congratulations to these winners.

Second Grade: Fiction - 1st - Bryant Johnson; 2nd - Bailey Martin

Third Grade: Fiction - 1st - Greyson Snyder, 2nd - Mary Mason Dunn

Fourth Grade: Fiction - 1st - Fantina LaBon; 2nd - Lily Gist

Fifth Grade - Fiction - 1st - Anna Kate Rhoden; 2nd - Gage Gist

Second Grade: Nonfiction - 1st - Brayden Antici; 2nd - Jonathan Redwine

Fifth Grade: Nonfiction - 1st - Walt Bell; 2nd - Breanna Ellett

Last Updated (Friday, 20 November 2015 12:53)


Pull for Lee Results

Thank you everyone involved from the school and community for making Pull For Lee a big success!!

The Winners Are:

First Place Team - Ted Connell, Chris Winter, Charles Merckle, and Jack Laney

Second Place Team - Brad Whatley, Matthew Edmonson, Dane Burton, Steve Barnes

Tied for Third Place Team - Thornton Marley, Matthew Ware, Carson Meredith, Lewis Barksdale

Tied for Third Place Team - Brent Powell, Josh Young, Tony Clay Marley, Jake Hood

Adult Top Individual Shooter - First Place - Charles Danna; Second Place - Chris Winter: Third Place - Thornton Marley

Top Individual Student Shooters - Female Under 9th Grade - Anna Byrd; Female Over 9th Grade - Caroline Edmonson: Male Under 9th Grade - Lee Gordon Strider: Male Over 9th Grade - Patrick Sartin and Jarrett Coates.

Last Updated (Wednesday, 18 November 2015 10:48)


Academic Recognition

The Third, Fourth and Fifth graders pictured below were recognized for making the Honor Roll and Headmaster's List at the end of our first nine weeks.third grade hr
fifth grade hrfourth grade hr

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Fourth Grade

author research1Fourth Grade recently used the Mac laptops to complete an Author Research Project.

Last Updated (Thursday, 05 November 2015 09:36)


Letter From the Headmaster


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